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Seller’s Guide

Every homeowner wants to make the biggest profit possible when they sell their property. When you list your home with Penney Real Estate Company, you’ll get more than just a great deal for your home, you’ll also enjoy a stress-free experience while you’re at it.

How the home selling process works

  1. Preparing the property

    A great degree of work must be done at the start in order to catch buyers’ attention. Deep cleaning, essential repairs, and effective staging go a long way in presenting your home at its best condition. We offer staging services to our clients, and can even place furniture in vacant listings to improve appeal. *Call for staging pricing and details.

  2. Setting the right price

    Your asking price can make or break your sale. Avoid overpricing and instead do a comparative market analysis in order to determine your home’s real value.

  3. Putting the property on the market

    Our agents will help you create compelling promotional strategies and materials for your listing. We’ll also help you get as much exposure for it as possible by tapping into the Cleveland and Akron MLS platforms, as well as leading internet marketing options like Zillow, Trulia, and more.

  4. Choosing the best offers

    You don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by too many offers. We’ll help you filter the best offers, based not just on the price, but on the complete package that includes contingencies and sale terms.

  5. Negotiating toward the best deal

    Our expert negotiators will have your back through the most crucial stage in the home selling process. Count on us to make sure that you get the best value for your home.

  6. Closing the sale

    We’ll guide you through the final touches that will complete your home sale. We can even help you move to your new home with our very own moving truck!

Sell your property with Penney Real Estate Company

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